Buccellato Design, LLC | Facade Restoration
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Located on the north side of Downtown South Bend, Main Street Row is a building which occupies highly-visible frontage on an important north-south artery, but which is in great need of revitalization. We were approached by a local developer to propose alterations to the exterior façade. Due to the conservative nature of the budget, we developed a design which maintains as much of the existing façade as is feasible, structurally and aesthetically. At the Entrance Bay we proposed the addition of larger windows, a prominent awning, and decorative lighting. Applied piers visually strengthen the existing architecture, and the layering-on of traditional elements – rustication, belt courses, and cornices – greatly enhance the way the façade is perceived. The design references the industrial history of the City while creating an attractive and vibrant place to do business.

Facade Restoration South Bend