Buccellato Design, LLC | Process
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Buccellato Design, LLC is a full-service architectural and interiors firm, working throughout the country and across many building types. We spiritedly believe that traditional forms and details are as suited to the fine old buildings of the past as they are to contemporary construction. These time-honored solutions, so relevant today, are revealed in an array of enduring styles and befitting of numerous settings.

Our role in a new endeavor begins at the initial, conceptual planning stages and continues throughout construction and even decoration. For this reason, we seek to build sound, communicative relationships with our Clients. Through conversation, precedent study, and drawing, design becomes a collaborative and iterative process. Distilling the essence of what a Client ultimately desires to create, and then acting as a steadfast advocate all along the way to achieving these aims, is truly an Architect’s calling.

Artfully developing the nuances of a building, its virtues and distinctions which make it singular and so in-keeping with the needs and wishes of a Client, is part what we love most about our vocation. We are wholly focused both on the craft of building and on the intentional and thoughtful shaping of livable, lovable spaces and places.